Shanghai IGE Lighting Design Co., Ltd. (IgE lighting design - hereinafter referred to as "Yige") was founded in 2005. As a well-known lighting environment design and consulting brand in China, Yige has always focused on the research and practice of lighting in modern society. Over the years, with the international vision and concept, through cross-border integration, Yige has provided customers with integrated services in the whole process of lighting design, and has cooperated with East China Architectural design group, Canada PFS Studio design consulting, woodsbagot woods Berg architectural design consulting, Gresham Smith architectural design consulting, and core creative executive team of live performance (Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge, fan Yue) to establish brand strategic cooperation. At present, the company has completed more than 300 high-quality lighting projects, such as architectural city planning, education and medical, cultural and tourism night tour, and won professional awards at home and abroad, such as Italian a 'design, Asian lighting design, Asia Pacific space design, Magnolia and so on.
Business area
  • Business Category
    Business Category
    Indoor and outdoor lighting planning and design
  • Lighting Consul tants
    Lighting Consul tants
    Review projects and provide professional guidance
  • Artistic Lighting Design
    Artistic Lighting Design
    Lighting art design for special space and landscape
  • Night Vision Marketing Plan
    Night Vision Marketing Plan
    Integrated resources, according to the characteristics of the project and hot spots for night lighting innovation